Leading-edge technologies are reimagining how sportsbooks operate and strategize today given a push to new sports betting trends. Clearly, the sports betting industry is booming, and technologies have the biggest impact on it. On a global scale, a report by Technavio forecasts worldwide market growth of $134.06 billion between 2020–2024, indicating a CAGR of nearly 10% over the four-year period. In this article, I’ll give you a peek into the top betting trends for 2021 and beyond as we embrace the next wave of meteoric industry growth.

#1 Mobile Betting

One of the most prevalent sportsbook betting trends is the addition of mobile…

The US sports betting market is booming. In 2020, Americans spent almost $35 billion wagering on sports events, so it’s no surprise that the competition to acquire customers for sportsbooks is fierce. As a growing number of states legalize sports betting, millions of new gamblers are emerging, making it imperative for companies to invest heavily in customer acquisition to secure a piece of the action.

Strategic Localization

DraftKings and FanDuel are the standout leaders in the rapidly expanding sports betting sector, responsible for approximately 80% of the US market. …

Betting on sports is a global phenomenon. And although the sports that are most popular vary by geographic location, one thing remains constant: fans love to put their money down on a game!

Sports betting enthusiasts are everywhere, making online gambling an ideal industry to pursue. However, given the global marketplace, it is essential for platform operators to focus their attention on the comprehensive localization of content.

While translating the language is one of the clear necessities when localizing betting platform content, there is a great deal more to consider. The cultural differences from country-to-country are vast, requiring significant variance…

The spread of legalized sports betting across the US feels like a modern-day gold rush. There are now thirteen states where gambling on sporting events is allowed, with others expected to jump on board in the very near future. Predictions that 70% of all states will allow widespread sports wagering by 2024 illustrates the high likelihood that the majority of US citizens will have access to gambling on events in their state within the next few years.

It’s an exhilarating time in the software industry, as technology giants and startups race to build the most robust and effective solutions to…

“In-play is just an incredibly engaging experience. It’s incumbent upon the existing operators to create really exciting new markets to engage the customer.” — Seth Young, Chief Innovations Officer at PointsBet.

Every sports fan knows the thrill of seeing their favorite team make a comeback and win a big game. And those who choose to put their money down on a sports event know the exhilarating feeling that comes from hitting the mark on a bet and taking home some extra cash as an added bonus to the fantastic experience of watching a game. Well, the lucky ones do anyway!

“I think younger consumers relate to the gamification of all things — not just Fortnite, EA Sports and Madden. If you look at Las Vegas, younger consumers don’t use slot machines, they are more apt to bet on sports.” — Howard Mittman, Chief Executive at Bleacher Report, a leading online destination for millennial and Generation Z sports fans.

In my recent article about the gamification of sports marketing, I mentioned the intriguing deal between Amazon and the NFL in which the company is using their live-streaming platform, Twitch, to offer new gamification features to increase fan engagement. …

Although the concept of “gaming” has existed for a long time, the word “gamification” first gained popularity in 2010 as this pastime became deeply intertwined with technology. In the following years, the idea of applying badges, points, and leaderboards to increase engagement in marketing strategies has exploded. With an estimated 2.2 billion gamers in the world, gamification has grown into an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Why Gamification?

Gaming companies have mastered the art of interactive entertainment, leading to a robust ability to propel social engagement among consumers. …

The explosive growth of sports betting continues to rise following last year’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to strike down a federal ban on wagering.

While the broadcasting and sports industries buzz with excitement, how large will the betting market get? Although predictions vary, they all indicate that the increase in gross gaming revenue derived from sports betting shows no signs of slowing down, with Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Shaun Kelley stating his expectation for the current size of $200 million to skyrocket to $5–10 billion over the next five years.

As the sports betting market rapidly expands, many…

Have you ever downloaded an app, looked at it for five minutes, couldn’t figure it out, and deleted it? Yes, me too. Even if the app provided all of the features and capabilities I needed, if it’s not usable, it is erased from my mind forever. The same goes for websites. If it takes me more than 30 seconds to figure out how to navigate it, then I will probably never visit that site again. For all customer-centric apps and websites, it is imperative that the user experience (UX) is optimally intuitive or you lose your audience quickly. …

The manner in which sports fans experience games they love is continuously evolving. As these changes occur, it is critical for sports teams to recognize the value and importance of fan engagement by evolving alongside them.

In recent years, teams have dedicated more time and resources toward cultivating a strong relationship with their fans. Teams and the leagues are investing in creating a personalized fan experience; allowing teams to better understand and better serve their fanbase.

Tapping into innovative digital technologies allows you to be at the forefront of strengthening fan engagement on social media, inside stadiums, and fans watching…

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General topics incl sports & media. Vice President, Media and Entertainment at DataArt.com

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